METAL ON METAL "The IVth Crusade" 2CD

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DIY style Death Metal compilation, The IVth Crusade is a rotten 4th Metal On Metal comp. from Finland.

Some of the most known acts on this compilation are KRYPTS, ARCHGOAT, VORUM, LIE IN RUINS and STENCH OF DECAY. Most of the recordings are rarities or previously unreleased tracks from Finnish Elite Unerground!

Side Rotting (CD1):
01. Hooded Menace: Theme from Tenebre
02. Skullfuck: Cut the Flesh
03. Desecresy: Engraved in Flesh
04. Gorephilia: Gods Stand Aghast
05. Cadaveric Incubator: Coffin Defiler
06. Cannibal Accident: From Cunt to a Grave
07. Cannibal Accident: Live on Liver (Die on Diet)
08. Maveth: Dragon of the Continuum
09. Ominous: Unleash the Beast Within
10. Vorum: Death’s Stains
11. Lie In Ruins: Venomous Tongues (Demo Version)
12. Necromonastery: Enter the Necromonastery / Into Sempiternal Perdition
13. Coprofagi: Pedoshredder
14. Axeslaughter: Cemetery of Blinding Lights
15. Maggots in Your Coffin: Slaves to Darkness
16. Serpent Ascending: Human Ladders
17. Obscure Burial: Daemonic Incantation
18. Sadokist: Ultimate Death
19. Anal Blasphemy: In the Temple of Unlife
20. Archgoat: Lord of the Void (Live)

Side Misery (CD2):
01. Ghastly: River of Smoke
02. Convulse: Oceans of Dust (Suicide Mix)
03. Decaying: The Detachment
04. Avoimen Haudan Löyhkä: Saatanallinen Teurastus
05. Avoimen Haudan Löyhkä: Rituaalimurha
06. Stench of Decay: Invocation and Evocation
07. Stench of Decay: Kadonneet Jumalat (Rippikoulu Cover)
08. Necrolepsy: Flesh Ripper
09. Necrolepsy: Babyeater
10. Krypts: Kuolevan Rukous
11. Cryptborn: Born from the Grave
12. Skullfuck: Black Blood
13. Torture Killer: Written in Blood (Live)
14. Corpsessed: Sovereign (Live)
15. Swallowed: Horrifying Visions (Live)
16. Coprofagi: The Law Is a Fraud
17. Solothus: Plaguewing
18. Decaying: Conditions Futile